Therapeutic Arts Workshops

These Therapeutic Arts Workshops offer the exciting chance for you to join a group in play, share, discovery, exploration and familiarisation with a range of art forms. These art forms are Paint, Sand, Music, Poetry, Clay and Puppets.

Therapeutic Arts WorkshopsThroughout these workshop sessions you will be able to individually choose your preferred way of working with the art form from a number of suggested activities. This will be your experiential process! The activities are designed to be interesting, therapeutic, fun and revelatory. Some of the techniques used by Art Therapists will also be demonstrated and there will be opportunities for you to use these to guide and facilitate your partner with their explorations. The workshops will concentrate on the Art making itself and what’s happening ‘in the now’ emotionally and internally. You are therefore under no obligation or pressure to produce anything pleasing or to be an especially ‘arty’ person as the workshops are more about process, self discovery and relationship.

The current sessions run from 10.15am to 1.30pm and there are 8 spaces available per session. You are advised to wear old comfortable clothing. Each session follows a similar format with a different art form. The Music and Puppetry sessions involve group work. The first set of workshops were designed specifically for mums, however, I will be adapting the next set of workshops according to the needs of people attending.

Workshops can be ‘tailor made’ to suit your particular group. You might wish to focus on a specific issue such as divorce, bereavement, miscarriage, pregnancy or illness. Workshops are not limited to age. You will be warmly encouraged to join with others, to journey both inwardly and outwardly finding soul connection through the Arts. I will embrace you in a sense of love, well-being and support. I would be happy to discuss your individual, family, friends or group needs and wishes. If you think you or your group would benefit from a session or wish to devise your own group I can arrange this with you as well as come to your specific workplace/venue to facilitate a Therapeutic Arts Workshop on your behalf. Please email me at or phone me on 07765 876180 to discuss your specific requirements.

Journey through the Arts 4 week courses

Bringing the unconscious to life through the Arts

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Carmenta Life Centre
Chesham House
Church Lane
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DatesTo follow.
Half day workshops are also available in the sumptuous treatment and workshop studio that is the home of ‘Together Birthing’ hypnobirth classes and Trauma Rewind therapy in Potten End, HP4 2RE. 

Time: 10.15am-1.30pm


  • Circle time/check in
  • Self chosen activity with the art form (likely inclusion of symbolism/metaphor/storytelling/discussion)
  • Practical demonstration with the art form
  • Pair-work
  • Bring and share lunch
  • Pair-work/other activity with the art form 
  • Group Share

These workshops are intended to support those who often lack time to focus inwardly and create space for themselves. I will be running 4 week Journey through the Arts Courses and half day workshops focussing on different art forms. The approximately 3 hourly sessions will be paints, sand, clay and music. The final music session of the creative Arts course will be of a “celebratory” nature and you will choose your final group activity together. A reunion poetry session (£20 per person) will be offered at a later date should you wish to reunite as a group. This can be booked at the end of the course. Please note that the timetable may be subject to variation and that the 4 week course and workshops can suit any group who wish to journey through the arts together.

You will take your experiences and your Artwork away marking lasting memories of what promises to be an exciting and transformational journey. Not only will you develop insights and expand yourself but you will have the opportunity to share, grow and deepen as a group. The hope is that each of you will feel nourished, nurtured, seen, heard with a deeper connection and sense of self and other.


4 week Journey through the Arts Course £85 per person
Half day Saturday Workshops £25 per person.

How to book:
To make your booking, please email me at and I will send you my bank details so you can make a bank transfer to secure your booking. Please note only 8 places are available for each workshop so I recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.


Discounts are available, please call Katie Parfoot on 07765 876180 for more details.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
Pablo Picasso

May the magic begin!

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