Iioffer Theiki and Reiki as well as transformative Arts Workshops. Theiki is an innovative and unique therapy designed to blend the deep therapeutic effects of the Arts with Reiki. It combines guided Arts exploratory sessions with Reiki healing.

Photo 18-07-2015 18 02 40 Reiki (Universal life energy) is a healing technique believed to have originated in Tibet 10,000 years ago and re-discovered by a Japanese Buddhist Monk Usai in 1922. The sacred and traditional Reiki symbols were revealed to Doctor Usai during a long meditation on the top of a mountain and are now used in Reiki to focus attention to connect with specific healing frequencies.

It is classed as a science of energy working in harmony with the body to promote health and balance. It calms and strengthens the physical and energetic systems within the body increasing cellular vibration and harmony to assist with recovery from stress or illness and enables the person to boost and access more life force energy. This is done by placing reiki symbols and a “laying on hands” so that the energy/chi flows into the chakra system – the seven energy points within the body. It is a natural and safe method of energy healing treating the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally and can promote feelings of relaxation, peace and well being as well as assisting in the healing of all forms of dis-order and dis-ease.

Reiki can be used alongside any conventional treatment and can release blockages to the energy flow. It may be experienced differently by each person receiving it. Some people feel calm, heat, tingling, see colours and some respond emotionally indicating that shifts are taking place. Its relaxing nature can be especially helpful to people at difficult times in their life especially when feeling overwhelmed or disconnected and when in need of a feeling of centredness and harmony within.

Katie qualified as a Reiki Master in the Original Seven Level System of Reiki in 2009 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia having qualified in the preliminary levels from 2007 onwards and has witnessed the benefits of Reiki first hand.

Reiki : 45 minutes
Cost : £30
3 sessions £75

DISCOUNTED REIKI DAYS *see below more information about Reiki Days*
10am to 5pm – advance bookings £25
Next Saturday to be announced for 2017


Reiki Days
Full Reiki treatments are offered regularly at a discounted price. They are usually held on Saturdays. A number of time slots are available and can be booked in advance. The studio which is comfortable and cosy is based in Potten End, Berkhamsted, Herts – click here for a map and direction.
I’m so looking forward to treating you to a wonderful Reiki experience!


Photo 18-07-2015 18 39 28Theiki is a brand new and unique therapy designed to safely yet powerfully engage your subconscious through the Arts and blends this process with the blissful feeling of relaxation and meditation provided by Reiki. You will be offered a choice of the use of Paints, Clay, Sand, Puppets, Creation of Poetry and Musical Instruments.

The client will first be offered an art medium as above and will experience a guided one to one 25- 30 minute Art exploratory session. You will be invited to enter into relationship with your chosen art form, to identify with it and begin dialogue as though you are the image or form. This holds a different quality to focusing on the aesthetic value and end product and often brings a surprising depth and insight into your feelings and subconscious making them conscious. It can also be empowering to work with a new awareness and to be able to instigate change via movement or alteration of the art form (e.g. Re-enacting, adding to, rebuilding the clay or moving figurines around and in and out the sand tray) It may be easier to ‘speak the unspeakable’ in a way that doesn’t ordinarily seem possible outside of the Arts context. After this you will receive a 20 minute Reiki treatment. The Reiki will allow your experience with the arts to be processed and assimilated gently through the chakras (energy centres) and core cells of the body.

The last 10-15 minutes of the session will then return to the art form or another if desired to assist in the implementation and expression of changes felt or simply to allow an opportunity to explore new insights, feelings, shifts etc…

You may experience a shift in energy whilst doing this, immediately after the session or some days after. By revisiting the art form after the Reiki treatment you have a further opportunity to embed or release what has emerged for you during your personal process.

Theiki may leave you feeling impacted or signposted in some way. It has the potential to provide clarity, transform and affirm or might simply be the precursor to a new insightful phase within yourself. It will always be unique to you.

Please wear old or loose comfortable clothing and be prepared for a 10 minute introduction the first time.

Theiki: 55 minutes (the first session will require a 10 minute introduction)

Introductory rate: £35

How to book
To book a treatment with me, please email me at so we can arrange the place, date and time for your treatment as well as the type of treatment


“The only journey is the one within
Rainer Maria Rilke



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